Time Is Running Out

Five years ago, Florida legislators signed a binding legal agreement with Floridians to create a clean water drinking preserve in the Everglades. Time is running out.  Our legislators have until May 1st to keep up their end of the deal and give us the clean drinking water we paid for.

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A New TV Campaign Presses For Purchase Of US Sugar Land

Appeared in the Tampa Bay Times, Feb. 22nd by Adam C. Smith: Everglades advocates today launch a six-figure TV, radio and online campaign to push state leaders to use Amendment 1 water and land conservation money to buy U.S. Sugar land south of  Lake Okeechobee so more water flows to the Everglades. The campaign highlights a contract U.S. Sugar and the state signed in 2010 under Gov. Charlie Crist, a contract that will expire by the end of the legislative session unless the legislature acts. The cost of the land buy is roughly estimated at about $350-million.

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