We're Parents who want clean, safe drinking water for ourselves and our children.

We’re Florida voters who last November made it part of the Florida Constitution to buy the sugar land to protect our water -- and we set aside hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for it.

We’re boaters and sportsmen who cherish the hours spent along Florida’s waterways that are being deliberately choked with deadly pollution.

We’re Florida workers who count on tourists’ dollars to pay our wages -- tourists who won’t come to Florida when the beaches are closed and the fish can’t be eaten.

We’re Floridians who revere what is left of the Everglades and are determined not to let the special interests continue to spoil them.

We’re Florida. We were promised clean drinking water. We paid for it. We put it in the Florida Constitution.  We’re demanding that the legislature do what we said last November: Buy the land.  Protect our drinking water.


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